Tuesday, 31 January 2012

My Week in Instagram!

Well it has been a few weeks since my last Instagram post, I collected quite a few interesting snap shots, we got lots of snow here in Montreal. I have been spending way to much time indoors like every Winter. The plateau Mount Royal looks like something from an old French film, the old brick houses and long stair cases. 

Here is a sneak of what we both wore and into Stéphane's closet, he is a very colorful and neat man ;)

Stéphane took me out for some tasty bagels at St-Viateur bagels and macaroon's at Point G, we then went record shopping as usual :)

Here are a few vintage finds, the floral trench coat is actually a find from today, It is pretty crazy! I am thinking of shortening it. 

I came up with a new idea for business cards for my shop, I found a whole bunch of colorful doilies, these are perfect! 

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, 30 January 2012

Jacket Layering

-Vintage 60s wool coat with fur collar, altered by me
-Vintage 70s Lee denim jacket, thrifted in NYC
-Vintage 90s cream Silk blouse
-Forever 21 floral pants
-Vintage 70s suede and leather boots, thrifted
-Lipstick / Glamour 101 opaque wine by Lime Crime

I woke up this morning to a very cold sad day, all the sidewalks are frozen and  did I say it is freaking cold up here in Montreal? hehe. I gave the coat layering trend a go today, it was perfect, who ever came up with this genius idea was thinking about us stylish Canadians ;) I have had this vintage coat for a few years now, I decided to hem it into a short jacket, I am so happy with the end product, this is my new favorite coat now. It was fun looking inside and seeing how they made it, this takes thrifting to an other level a creative one ;)

While shooting in my regular Winter alley this girl walked by and asked me randomly are you a photographer?  and then said Are you a model? I said no, and no, and the random person walked away, I actually have a picture of the girl talking to me, so silly! Gotta love living in the city.

I can't wait for Spring, I may have to shorten all my longer vintage coats now, I love how it can make them look more now and up to date.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday's favorite thrift finds

Happy Friday folks! Here is my second edition of "Friday's favorite thrift finds", in this first picture you can see my new favorite bold pattern sweater that I got for a steal at 2$. This picture was taken in my bathroom, on the side you can see a row of vintage blouses that were hang drying, those are going in the shop next week. I always wash everything that goes in my shop since I have to keep all this vintage treasure in my own home. 

I cheated a bit here, this necklace is actually an Etsy purchase, I got it from this lovely shop called I find U seek vintage, they have such a great selection of pieces from all sorts of era's, this is a 1940s gold fill celluloid necklace that is reversible and I got it for 15$. You guys should really check them out :)

I am in love with this dress, it's a full maxi right now but I plan on giving it a shorter hem and wearing it once Spring comes around.

This sweater is actually one of my mom's finds from Monday, I am so jealous! a purple angora tassel cardigan? wow!

I fell in love with this Sandro sailor body suit, this is gonna look great with vintage Levis ;)

I found a really nice pair of vintage 501's, this is also very rare, I have been getting all sorts of vintage denim luck lately.

The perfect suede hair bow, it actually holds in my hair.

And last but not least a pretty amazing pair of buckle oxfords, these are going to get worn a lot once all the snow melts ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Statement sweater

-vintage sweater
-vintage Chanel Cashmere skirt
-Hue tights
-UO suede flats
-vintage Coach bag 

It sure has been hard to take outfit pictures these days, I got one decent shot outside, I spent 2 minutes out there slipping on ice and trying to get the proper white balance and decided I would rather stay alive and take this party indoors. 

I came across this bold black and white printed sweater earlier this week, I like it paired with my vintage Chanel skirt, the color mix and pattern clash just works so great together, well I think so ;)

Keep warm everyone! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Out and about in Montreal East

Yesterday I met up with my mom for a weekly thrift adventure. I always love going in her neck of the woods, the thrift is so good. We me up at the underbelly of the Olympic stadium, I kind of got frustrated with my new lens and we gave up shooting there and head off to our local favorite thrift spots.

I really like the big open spaces, I plan on going back when it gets warmer and taking some decent pictures.

My mom scored this vintage pear pin for 0.50$ at her local charity shop, I want it so bad!

Mom was wearing a pretty amazingly colorful outfit, I am not quite sure were everything is from but mostly thrifted, you should see her closet! I was wearing some new orange satin pants I picked up at H&M on sale for 15$, I almost got them when they were full price, I am glad I waited :)  My navy pea coat is also from H&M, Spring wedge boots remixed, forever 21 cable knit sweater, thrifted denim shirt, very old Gap leather purse, vintage pink suede hair bow and Harricana fur ear muffs. 

I came back home with a very heavy bag full of new goodies for the shop and for myself, I can't wait to share with you all later this week!