Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Ruffle it

I am not a big fan of Mondays so I decided to brighten up my day yesterday with this Kelly Green ruffle 60s top my friend Sarah gave me last year. Every time I wear it I get remarks like nice Christmas tree you got there ;) I am aware of the sillyness of this top but I still love it, it reflects my personality, not taking myself to seriously and just having plain fun with the way I dress everyday. I took these real quick in the morning before heading into work, it was pretty cold but I am getting faster with shooting in these temps. Lets see how it goes when it really gets frigid cold, I may have to come up with more genius ways of styling my coats and boots. 





-Vintage wool pea coat, vintage shop in New York city
-Vintage green ruffle top, Cheapopulance vintage
-Vintage skirt, thrifted
-Simons mustard tights
-Vintage Ferragamo bow flats, Annex Vintage
-Winner bag used to lug my camera around
-Beret, from random vendor in the metro