Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sophie & LiLi

Sophie & Lili

Bonjour everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I wanted to share you these lovely water color drawings by a talented lady named Jennifer who has a cute online shop called Sophie&LiLi. I came across her art trough her Instagram account (name sophieandlili) and  I always "like" her sketches. Here are a few of my favorites that you can purchase in her shop, these are perfect for any little girl, I am no longer a little girl but I am one at heart and I just purchased one that she drew of my very own vintage dress with red and white stripes.

Sophie & LiLi

Here is a little interview with her enjoy!

Hi Jennifer how are you today?

Great! Thanks for having me on your cute blog.
What are you wearing at the moment?

A black & white striped maxi dress, denim jacket & flip flops

Sophie & Lili

Sophie & Lili

Where are you from and what part of the world do you live in today?

I am from New York and now live in the suburbs of Connecticut (USA) with my husband and two daughters Sophie & Lola.

I see that you are a graphic designer, illustrator, little girls clothing and also make cute little dolls, how did this all start?

I have been drawing since I was very young. There used to be a show on TV called “Style With Elsa Klensch”. She would report from the fashion runways & then go backstage to interview the designers. One day she was in Betsey Johnson’s studio. After I saw her fashion sketches, the markers, the fabrics, the colors…I was mesmerized! I knew “THAT” was what I wanted to do. I wasn’t sure what “THAT” was, but it led me to FIT where I studied Fashion Design & Accessory Design. Later on I studied graphic & interactive design. 
Now I work as an Interactive Designer at an Ad Agency by day and make dolls, draw, etc on nights and weekends. I only very recently started drawing & painting again.

Sophie & LiLi

Who inspires you?

Gosh, so many. I am inspired by fashion, textiles, product design, fashion & design bloggers, etsy, pinterest….

I love pinterest.

Favorite designer?

Lauren Moffatt, Orla Kiely, Marc Jacobs, Burberry Prorsum, Stella McCartney…

I’m also drawn to / appreciate designers that design their own prints like Diane Von Furstenberg, Lilly Pulitzer & Vera. Have you seen Leah Reena Goren’s cat dress?!

I really love your water color sketches what inspires you for each one?

Thank you! The outfits are things I want to be wearing myself. Usually it’s anything from the newest J Crew catalogue, pinterest or even a photo on a blog. I saw your striped red dress & had to draw it!

Sophie & Lili

Your favorite ice cream flavor?

Salted Caramel or Mint Chocolate Chip, but not together! J

Lastly, what is your ultimate goal in life?

I would love Sophie & Lili to become a lifestyle brand for young girls. Like Hello Kitty (love her) – toys, bedding, accessories. I would love to be able to see this through one day. My daughters inspire me to keep working on it.

I would also love to draw more. Maybe illustrate a children’s book or some editorial work.