Monday, 4 June 2012

How to Jazz Up : A simple tee shirt and jeans


You know those days when you really just feel like wearing a comfy tee and your favorite jeans, that's how I felt today, I decided to add some interesting pieces into the mix, an over size Silk scarf, vintage designer shoes, a classic leather bag and a floral blazer.

peonies copy

full shot 2

The tee shirt is from American Apparel, I got in the boys section, I like how it fits. My jeans are from Levis from the new ID curve line, they are my staple jean at the moment when it comes to skinny's.

detail shot

far away shot

The bag I got for a steal no more then 5$, it is made of high quality leather, I love the shape of it. 

close up 2

This Silk scarf is one of my favorite finds so far this year, it has a huge horse head on it, I can wear it in so many ways, tied around my neck, tied to my purse, if I were better with folding it I could maybe make a turban style in my hair.

bag shot copy

full side

full shot fave

It has been pretty gloomy outside these past couple of days, the sun is in and out and it keeps raining, I never get anything done on these days for some reason. I went out in the afternoon, picking up wedding decorations and things for our honeymoon. Our kitty got shaved on the weekend, she really needed a kitty collar so I got her one and a cat blanket cause I feel bad that she may be cold.

Hope your all having a great week so far :)

-Vintage paisley blazer,thrifed
-Vintage silk scarf,thrifted
-Vintage Ferragamoes, Annex Vintage
-Vintage purse,thrifted (similar)