Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday's favorite thrift finds

Happy Friday folks! Here is my second edition of "Friday's favorite thrift finds", in this first picture you can see my new favorite bold pattern sweater that I got for a steal at 2$. This picture was taken in my bathroom, on the side you can see a row of vintage blouses that were hang drying, those are going in the shop next week. I always wash everything that goes in my shop since I have to keep all this vintage treasure in my own home. 

I cheated a bit here, this necklace is actually an Etsy purchase, I got it from this lovely shop called I find U seek vintage, they have such a great selection of pieces from all sorts of era's, this is a 1940s gold fill celluloid necklace that is reversible and I got it for 15$. You guys should really check them out :)

I am in love with this dress, it's a full maxi right now but I plan on giving it a shorter hem and wearing it once Spring comes around.

This sweater is actually one of my mom's finds from Monday, I am so jealous! a purple angora tassel cardigan? wow!

I fell in love with this Sandro sailor body suit, this is gonna look great with vintage Levis ;)

I found a really nice pair of vintage 501's, this is also very rare, I have been getting all sorts of vintage denim luck lately.

The perfect suede hair bow, it actually holds in my hair.

And last but not least a pretty amazing pair of buckle oxfords, these are going to get worn a lot once all the snow melts ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!