Monday, 31 October 2011

Introducing the Juliette lace blouse!

For my first piece of the season I introduce the "Juliette" stretch lace blouse, a cropped Frenchy boat neck style blouse for Fall/Winter 2011. Inspired by the lovely French singer, Juliette Greco, she is the muse to this mini collection of blouses and dresses. This blouse is perfect for Fall layering over a vintage slip dress or with high waist pants. Keep your eyes open for new designs by your truly in my Etsy shop in the next few weeks. 


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Brights in the city

Polka dot scarf,NYC
-Wool grey pea coat, Steve Maden
-Pink skinny jeans, Zara
-Jute straw bag, thifted
-Orange socks, Sock man on St-Mark's street New York City
-Booties, Forever 21
-Nail color, I am not a tourist by Prevail 

Listening to "The monster mash"

Well folks, it has been a pleasant day off this Saturday, perfect for a bright colorful outfit, the sun is shinning here in Montreal and it's so beautiful. The colors of the trees and the color of the sky, a pretty steal blue. We took these pictures in the core of Montreal's downtown area. This is almost in the middle of a very busy street cars and bikes go along. Everybody around us was wondering what me and Stéphane were up to in the middle of the street like this. We work well together I think, he knows how to make my visions a reality when I can't use my remote and tripod. 

I hope you are all having a nice weekend, I heard that some of you in New York and Pennsylvania had been getting snow already? I am so glad it is not coming to Montreal for once.



Saturday, 29 October 2011

The week in Instagram Mega Post!

Last Saturday I did not get a chance to post my regular week in Instagram photos since I was in New York city for the weekend, so this week I have combined last weeks pics with this weeks into a mega week in Instagram post. In New York city we walked around Manhattan a lot with my mother and mister D taking pictures of random things you can find there. My favorite snap shot is the " Psychic Reading" neon sign has anyone ever been inside one of these places? I had my fair share of red velvet cupcakes my fav food when I come to New York. Next time I want to visit the Magnolia bakery and taste their red velvet if they have.  We visited the Marimeko store in downtown Manhattan, the colors in this store were amazing and the prints are to die for. If only I had a 1000$ to spend there, maybe next time ;)

Stéphane ringed me with my beautiful 1920s art deco engagement ring! 

I got a cute cat print dress at Forever 21 and some colorful socks on St-Marks street

I found this bank statement on the floor at Chase bank, I sure wish this was my bank account!

Back home I went fabric shopping for some velvet for a dress idea I have and came across some pretty interesting dead stock fabrics and collar tips.

I picked up these moccasins in Brooklyn at the Buffalo exchange they are made by JCrew and they are ever so comfy. 

I had an idea for a layering piece to go with my stretch lace cropped tee, using vintage silk blouse both of these tops will be in my shop as of Monday I am so excited to put these out, the lace tops are so cute and comfy and go with pretty much anything, I tried a new hair style with pic tails and a bump on the top of my head and loved it :)

Stéphane picked up a bunch of amazing Lp's and got me this rare Lee Hazelwood record, it is so good!

We ended the week at a Mexican restaurant and sipped on virgin margarita's and ate tasty nachos :)

Have a great week  everyone! 


Friday, 28 October 2011

My Mom and Me in Brooklyn

Here are those pictures I was talking about in my last post about my New York City trip last weekend. My mom's been hounding me to put them up, I hope she likes them ;) Stéphane took these shots while we were waiting outside of Beacon's Closet to do some serious vintage buying and trading. I really like how the pictures turned out. So this is my little stylish mom, she is the one that brought vintage and thrifting into my life, I hated it when I was a kid but today it is part of who I am and I am proud of it :)


 I ended up bringing a ton of stuff with me to sell and then take the trade and buy a ton of stuff there but alas nothing tickled my fancy this time around. I guess this place is hit or miss, or maybe I am just to picky since I already have so much vintage clothing at home. All and all I had a great time with my mom and Stéphane I ended up finding a pretty dress at Buffalo Exchange, my mom found a bunch of great things, you guys should check out her own style blog called Montreal-Style Sud Est, she comes up with some pretty original looks for ladies over 50. I was wearing a vintage Balenciaga silk blouse from Fringues&Cie, vintage leather jacket from Local 23, vintage cardigan,AA leggins, Shades from Sunglasse stand on St-Marks street, vintage cowboy boots(gift from Stéphane) and vintage Alfred Shung backpack.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lula number 13 inside peek

While in New York city on the weekend, I picked up the latest issue of Lula and I was so happy to find it! I heard rumors online that it was out and my search ended in Brooklyn at some cheap convenience store on Bedford Ave, the man that sold it to me said " every body wants this one why? "
I chuckled inside and said thank you :)

I waited till I was home to read and browse trough the amazing shoots that are inside, I love taking my time reading this magazine, it only comes out twice a year and I am always hunting it down here in Montreal. My favorite spread was the "Magical Mystery Tour" shoot, the colors and the personality of the model were amazing and of course the styling. No other mag styles like this one. It is unique in it's own way and that is why I love this magazine to pieces. I have all of them since they first came out, I love how they look like a mini collection of pretty books on my book shelve.

Enjoy this sneak peek and make sure you hunt down your own copy, you will not be disappointed!


***Lula magazine***