Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sponsor Spotlight : It's not her it's me

I am happy to introduce my lovely new Sponsor, It's nor her it's me, a vintage and new clothing shop online here:
It's not her it's me
The shop just opened on Big Cartel just a few days ago, there are so many pretty vintage dresses and killer shoes. These were some of my favorite items in the shop right now. More new clothing is coming very soon so keep an eye out for this amazing new shop.


Monday, 30 May 2011

Birthday Dress

And another birthday goes by! Yesterday was my birthday and I feel a little more grown up now. Many wonderful things are happening. I am one happy girl.

I bought this dress back in April on our Toronto trip, actually my darling friend Tara-Lynn found it for me ;)
I had to fix it up a little but so worth it. I had so much fun wearing this huge cupcake dress at the restaurant and taking the metro! hehe.

It was raining all weekend but we managed to take some decent pictures of me in my birthday dress, I had a wonderful time with my family with sweet Mexican food from one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal called Manana. We then had choco-raspberry cake at my casa.


-Vintage 60s party dress 
-Vintage 60s bag
-Rachel Comey shoes


Sunday, 29 May 2011

YeYe Etsy shop Update!

I just updated my shop with new vintage goodies as promised, much more the come next week! I love Summer so much, makes picture taking a breeze :)

Everything here is available in my shop here:

YeYe Vintage Boutique


Friday, 27 May 2011

NYC snapshots part 1.



Summers in Alleyways

It has been a very nice week in Montreal, today is rainy but they say it will be really warm and sunny for the weekend, yay! St├ęphane and I are really enjoying taking walks in the evening and taking pictures. We found so many nice vintage clothing on our NYC trip. I found this tee shirt at a vintage shop on 12th street and 1st Ave, I forget the name of the place but everything was priced between 7$ to 40$, I also scored a black Coach mini back pack purse for 30$! I've really been into this 70s vibe for the past few months, think Jane Birkin circa 1969, worn out high waisted bell bottom jeans, leather shoes, white tees and white blouses, I love how she put things together back then. Every time I go thrifting in Montreal now I buy up all the basket bags I can't get my hands on. I got a pretty nice one last night along with plenty of vintage goodies for the shop.

I was wearing:

-Vintage 70s tee
-Vintage 70s blue corduroy mini skirt
-Vintage Gemini Zodiac pendant
-Vintage 70s Yoyo's platform sandals
-Orange belt from H&M
-Straw basket bag, gift from my mother from her Cuba trip


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Sponsor YeYe Style Blog!

Finally sponsorships on YeYe Style blog are available!

 If you have an Etsy shop, Ebay shop or any online shop you would like to advertise for now is the time. I will be starting them the 1st of June. Sponsorship is very cheap and includes a sponsor spotlight, discount codes and giveaways and much more!  

Please send me an email @ lebonbonmulticolore@gmail.com for rates or for any questions you may have.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

YeYe Etsy shop Update!

I just updated my etsy shop with a few pretty vintage items. Everything you see here is available in the shop here:

YeYe! Vintage Boutique

I will be updating again later in the week so keep your eyes open!