Monday, 31 January 2011

Color is my middle name

I have been on a color spree these past couple of days. I found this skirt at H&M a few weeks ago and was not quite sure if id try and wear it during the Winter months. I really like the pattern of the fabric and the hem of the skirt. The best part is that this skirt has pockets. I love clothing with pockets. They are so handy! I really liked what I saw at H&M this time around, they finally understand that people need a little color in their lives.

It is back to crazy frigid weather, today was -27 degrees Celsius! Ouch! I guess my anticipation for Spring to arrive is reflected int he way I am dressing lately.  I am so jealous of all these American bloggers with nice weather.

As for the rest of my outfit:

-Vintage 70s bright yellow banana collared shirt
-Zara Coal knit sweater
-Yellow pencil pendant from Etcetrix on etsy
-Orange skinny belt, H&M
-Blue polka dot skirt,H&M
-Grey tights
-Vintage white oxfords shoes
-Vintage 60s Bright orange leather satchel bag

Sunday, 30 January 2011

YeYe! Vintage Boutique Etsy Spring preview

Here is just a sneak peek of what is to come to the YeYe! Vintage Boutique this week, pretty Spring items and nice denim basics. I am selling this amazing pair of 70s Levis 646 high waisted bell bottoms too! 


Saturday, 29 January 2011

A Burst Of Color

I went searching in the back of my closet today and found this dress I totally forgot I had. I originally bought it on ebay a few years ago from Mousevox Vintage. I lost the little tasells in the wash unfortunatly :(

I was also wearing a vintage Bright Orange Coat, Vintage black leather boots, Pin Pals bow pin, Golden cage pendant from New York and H&M tights.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Spring is in the air...

Here is a sneak peek at what is to come from YeYe! this Spring. I am making pretty pastel eyelet collars to go along with your pretty crochet dresses and tops or anything else without a collar. I will be making them in two colors, cream and pastel turquoise. 

I will also be collaborating with Plaid magazine on some Spring plaid collars in vintage fabrics in limited editions. These should be available in about a month or sooner.

I will be updating the shop in the next few weeks with the new Eyelet collars, these are so pretty and feminine and light it is like you are wearing a cloud around your neck.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Home Bound

It was one of those cold Winter days today. Maybe a little less cold but I guess we are getting more nasty -30 degree weather.Ive been stuck indoors for weeks! ack! 
Yesterday I went fabric shopping for new Spring fabrics for a new line of collars. I will collaborating with Plaid Magazine Online within the month and I am pretty excited!
I can't wait to share my new photos of my new Spring collars.

I was wearing today:

- Vintage Yellow Cardigan with floral embroidery 
- Vintage Girl Guide Pen pendant from Etcetrix on etsy
-Vintage Polka Dot skirt
-Forever 21 tights and Shoes


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Cat Girl

I shot these pictures a few years ago and forgot about them. The cat was an abandoned kitty in the alley that I use to live in. My grand-mother ended up adopting him. We called him Snoro. He now lives with my mother. I miss that sneaky little guy. Can you believe someone would actually abandon such a cutie?

I like the feel of these few shots, makes me look forward to Summer and all the great adventures I will have.


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Supayana Spring 2011 Preview!

This week I visited the studio of my friend Yana the designer behind Supayana. I took a few pictures of her new Spring line coming soon! How exciting! There are so many pretty vintage girly inspired pieces :)

I went eeeek! when I saw this pretty dress! I love all the pastel colors with the petal peter pan collars.

This beautiful blouse is made of stretch silk and lace, so pretty! I think I may need to get this one.

If you haven't visited Yana's shop I think you should head over right away!