Monday, 26 December 2011

Sparkles and Snow

-Vintage 60s cropped fur coat, Ebay from Thriftwares
-Vintage 60s metallic floral mini dress, Yeye Vintage Boutique
-Necklace, Forever 21
-Vintage leather bag, Yeye Vintage Boutique
-Tights, Winners
-Vintage black leather boots

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, we got some snow for Christmas and some cold weather, today was a little milder. I took it pretty easy this year, hung out with Stéphane and our cat. We watched "Les douzes travaux D'astérix", Stéphane's favorite movie from his childhood. 

I was feeling a little icky all weekend and that explains the lack of posting, I feel much better today, I got dressed up all fancy and went shopping for my Vintage shop. The metro was empty and not many people were out thrifting today. 

I came across this dress last year around this time actually, I was not so sure if I wanted to hold on to it but Stéphane convinced me to keep it, the best part is that the sleeves have zippers on the hem. A girl always needs a little sparkle dress in her wardrobe right?

This coat has been on this blog a few times, I never get tired of it, I bid like crazy for it online and was so happy when I did win it. I got it from this lovely Ebay shop called Thriftwares, they actually have a pretty cute cropped fur coat on there right now here. Well pretty soon we will be in a new year and sure am looking forward to it, so many great things are happening and I cannot wait!
 I am  having a week long sale this week in my Etsy shop because it is Boxing week here in Canada, get 25% off your entire purchase with coupon code "BOXINGNOEL" a gift from me to you all :)

pics by Stéphane