Monday, 31 January 2011

Color is my middle name

I have been on a color spree these past couple of days. I found this skirt at H&M a few weeks ago and was not quite sure if id try and wear it during the Winter months. I really like the pattern of the fabric and the hem of the skirt. The best part is that this skirt has pockets. I love clothing with pockets. They are so handy! I really liked what I saw at H&M this time around, they finally understand that people need a little color in their lives.

It is back to crazy frigid weather, today was -27 degrees Celsius! Ouch! I guess my anticipation for Spring to arrive is reflected int he way I am dressing lately.  I am so jealous of all these American bloggers with nice weather.

As for the rest of my outfit:

-Vintage 70s bright yellow banana collared shirt
-Zara Coal knit sweater
-Yellow pencil pendant from Etcetrix on etsy
-Orange skinny belt, H&M
-Blue polka dot skirt,H&M
-Grey tights
-Vintage white oxfords shoes
-Vintage 60s Bright orange leather satchel bag