Thursday, 19 August 2010

NYC part 3 Central Park W

We did so much on that day, we started off the morning here then to the financial district, battery park, Brooklyn again and ended with Coney Island. I will be posting the Coney Island pictures tomorrow. I took my Holga with me to so I will post those later this weekend!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

NYC part 2 Brooklyn

Here are some more pictures from my recent New York city trip. These were my favorite places to shop and sight see. I really fell in love with Brooklyn and it's laid back attitude and little shops with independent designers and vintage clothing. I made most of my purchases at Beacon's closet. Mostly separates that I will be able to mix and match with the rest of my closet that needs a serious revaluation.

The last two photos were taken in Battery Park were you can see the Statue of Liberty from a far.

I am wearing:

-Vintage Lee denim jacket, thrifted in Manhattan
-Cotton dress, thrifted
-Necklace, Self made
-Socks, H&M
-Lace up shoes, thrifted
-Shades, Street vendor on St-Marks street NYC
-Sailor bag, Chinatown Montreal
-Belt, XXI

Monday, 16 August 2010

Supayana Fall/Winter 2010

The Izzy Dress

This summer I had the honor of being Yana of Supayana's intern. I had the pleasure of working on the pattern for this dress that she named after me :) The model, Marcela Lazaro really works it so good in these photos I am in awe, the photography by Matthew Kristjan is so delightful.

I really adore this pom pom skirt and blouse!

This is such a pretty Fall collection and all the fabrics are recycled or dead stock vintage. I love how the details in this collections are like little jewels that ornate a timeless classic cut that will never go out of style. I had an amazing time working with Yana she is really one very talented lady.

To purchase these lovely items go here.

Photography by Matthew Kristjan

Modeling by Marcela Lazaro

Sunday, 15 August 2010

NYC part 1

I am back from a week long trip to New York city!

Here are some pictures from our first day there, we walked and walked and walked all over Soho, Nolita and the East Village. I took way more pictures then this you can see more if you like on my flickr photostream. I did not buy much on the first day as for the pit of big chain stores really did not seem to catch my eye. Everything seemed to be the same from store to store. I found most of my stuff in Brooklyn on the next day. I really liked it a lot there, it reminded me of Mile End here in Montreal. My favorite store was Beacon's closet, I could have spent days just shopping there. We took the subway and found it way better then Montreal's. They are much bigger and air conditioned. When we got back home yesterday and took our own metro we were so down from the heat and the myriads of stinky people. For some reason in the NYC subway people do not stink as much.

The first day was a little hard on me, it was really hot and sticky I even got a little tan and a giant bug bite! That is why I am not wearing the blouse under my red jumper in the last photos.

I think the next time we go I will skip the big chains like H&M, Top Shop, Madewell, Forever XXI and more... I was more inspired by the stylish ladies in the street.

I was wearing:

-Vintage white sailor style blouse, thrifted
-Vintage red denim jumper, Courtesy of Cheap Opulence Vintage
-Socks, H&M
-Vintage brown lace up shoes, thrifted

I will be posting more tomorrow!

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Marché Montreal

This past Saturday I visited the very first edition of Marché Montreal, a flea market with some neato vintage finds!

My very good friend Sarah had her rack full of amazing vintage goodness from her etsy shop Cheap Opulence. I was lucky enough to get this amazing red jumper dress. I will be taking it with me on my vacation this week and taking pics.

I was wearing:

-Vintage Diane Von Fustenburg wrap dress
-Vintage Coral slip
-Black pom pom lace scarf, XXI
-Brown and black satchel purse, vintage
-Black ballet socks, XXI
-Black leather sandals,UO sale from last summer

Be sure to visit the Montreal Market one of these Saturday's!