Sunday, 4 April 2010

Easter Sunday




Here are some shots from the grounds of this old church in my area. Here are some pictures of these two 30s and 40s pieces I found this week. The dress is so amazing! It needs some serious ironing but I adore it. I picked it up for 20$ on St-Laurent at Eva B, I still cannot beleive my luck. It really beats a sale at H&M! The blouse is from Village des valeurs near Namur metro and I also got it for a steal, 3.99$.


It's been perfect socks and dresses weather these past few days I am still a little in shock.

Outfit details:

-Vintage straw hat, thrifted
-Vintage 70s psychedelic shirt dress, thrifted, shortened and made a belt with the scrap from the hem.
-Black socks, H&M
-White shoes, thrifted
-Vintage 70s cropped Lee denim jacket, thrifted
-Mini brown purse, church sale

Happy Easter


Saturday, 3 April 2010

Heatwave in April????


I still cannot beleive the weather. It's like a hot Summer's day today! We have never seen this in Montreal. Kinda scary but yet fun wardrobe wise. I got to wear this new vintage tennis dress I found a few weeks ago. Even if I have a ton of projects and homeworks to finish for school next week I coulden't help myself to go out on the streets and have a a little pre Summer fun. I went to this place on St-Laurent called Eva B. this hippy vintage slash cafe join and found an amazing 30s floral peplum wrap dress for 20$.

Well back to reality... Homeworks...

I hope you enjoy my summery outfit pics all taken by St├ęphane, Happy Easter.

-Vintage 70s blue tennis dress, thrifed
-Vintage brown mini bag, thrifted
-Beige canvas shoes,UO
-Cross Stitch earrings, Pinpals