Thursday, 14 October 2010

Current obsession: Detachable collars

I have been toying around in my mind with detachable collars, I really like how you can wear them like a piece of jewelery. I made this one at the beginning of last summer but had it laying around for quite sometime. This is just a prototype of what I would like to make, an idea is more like it. I want to make the points a little smaller and use a button and button hole as a closure instead.

I would also like to use some interesting animal prints if I can find on my fabric excursion this weekend. I still have a few test to do before these will make an appearance in my etsy shop.

I came up with this outfit quickly this morning:

-Vintage Silk printed blouse
-Vintage cream scallop leather belt
-Vintage black and and white gingham slacks
-Vintage Ferragamo T strap shoes
-Vintage Straw hat
-Hand made collar my own design