Wednesday, 28 July 2010

What is new in my wardrobe and what I wore today

Here is a collection of photos of a few things I thrifted recently that have been added to my wardrobe. Three items were given to me by the lovely Claire over at Mamushkah Marie, we did this really fun vintage exchange. She gave me the Stripped dress, floral skirt and floral jacket. I altered the length of the dress and skirt to be more wearable everyday :) Thank you Claire you are a doll!

The rest are all from thrift stores, my favorite has to be the Silk blue and white stripped blouse with pleated Pierrot collar. The purple dress I spiffed up a bit, the hem was all wonky and the hook and eyes needed to be re sewn.

Today was one of those long days at work, I got a lot done and I am just about ready to sit on my couch and listen St├ęphane's new Gainsbourg 45s.

I chose to wear something simple and comfy:

-Straw hat, Vintage
-Floral blouse, vintage
-Leather belt, Vintage
-Corduroy skirt, Vintage
-Green socks, Calvin Klein
-Brown loafers, vintage
-Sparrow Skull pendant, Talonalia won via The Clothes Horse giveaway