Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunday rantings

Yesterday was a nice cloudy kinda sunny day, we got a lot done like biking all over the place to prepare for our window changing this week and had ice cream, a first for me at Dairy Queen this year since I discovered Lactaid Instant. We have been waiting for over a year now for these new windows.

Asides from that I took some much needed etsy photos of vintage items I have been collecting for the past 2 weeks like floral high waisted shorts, vintage YSL silk blouse, 60s two piece seen in the last picture of this post. I will be adding them little by little throughout the week. I discovered on Saturday from a neighbor that we have three abandoned kitties living in our yard. One of them, a little black one, poor thing, keeps drooling from the mouth with flies following him breaks my heart. Why do people do this cruel act during moving season?

In the last photo in this post you can see a quick peek at one of the three kitties who was very interested by the camera.

I had a wonderful weekend, we went thrifting on Friday night and found a few things, like the suede cutout wedges in these pictures. I changed the lace with some lace ones I made. I also found the leather purse worn in these shots, it is made by Frye, the red rose embroidered blouse was also found on Friday and the ethnic print full skirt. To top off this outfit I added my little black H&M boater with vintage hat pin and vintage dkny leather belt.

That is it for my weekend, how was everyone else's?