Sunday, 25 July 2010

Back and Well

Please excuse my lack of posting this week. It has been a busy and long week in our place. Everything is great now and we spent a lazy Sunday shopping and snoozing around the apartment.

I took these pictures myself this afternoon, I bought myself a new Simon & Garfunkel LP over at Cheap thrills, one of my favorite record shops in Montreal. I always seem to find something. Summer is just flying by and my time off school will soon be over already, it will be a hard one but after this one it is all over.

I added a few items in the etsy shop on Monday but did not finish. I will be adding some more on Tuesday, I promise!

My attire details:

- Blouse, YaYa Nom de Plume from UO
- Glasses, American Optical
- Leather belt, Vintage
- Polka dot skirt, Femmes de Carrières found at Friperie Rennaissance
- White socks with red hearts, H&M
- Brown leather oxfords, Fx Lasalle