Sunday, 20 June 2010

With a little hat on top!

Pics by Stéphane

-Little straw hat, H&M
-Vintage beaded bag, thrifted
-Vintage floral romper, thrifted
-Little white socks, H&M
-Jelly sandals, Melissa found at
Marché MTL

Tomorrow is official summer! It's nice and warm in Montreal and the sales have started. Right now there is one going on on St-Laurent, but I did not find anything. Yesterday we took a stroll on St-Denis street and all of a sudden it started to poor down rain like crazy! We ended up at a Java U and waited and waited for the rain to stop. After an hour of waiting in that crowded coffee shop, we ventured out even if it was still raining like crazy. We found refuge again in this cute little shop in a basement on St-Denis street called Marché MTL, they had so many cute things! I found these amazing peacock blue jelly sandals for a steal! Only 20$ they are these Brazilian brand called Melissa. My favorite detail on them is the little silver heart and the rhinestone in-crusted in the stem that hold the straps in place. If you live in the Montreal area this is really a great place to visit. Stéphane took these shots yesterday while we were taking a walk to get him a blizzard that he later regretted.