Saturday, 20 March 2010

Two for one oufit post


Here are a couple of outfits from this week... It's been really pretty and sunny and warm latelly! It was officially Spring here in Montreal at 1:34pm today. I go back to school Monday, what a downer.

This first outfit:
  • Vintage red Paris Scarf, thrifted
  • Vintage 70s white and navy knit tennis polo, thrifted
  • Leather belt, thrifted
  • Vintage 60s skirt, part of a set found at Cabaret in Toronto
  • Navy tights, Winners
  • Booties, vintage Esprit


  • Aquascutum wool tailleur, thrifted for a steal, 50% of of 7.99$, it was brand new when I found it. I still cannot beleive my luck.
  • Sheer polka dot dress, H&M sale rack
  • White tights, Ardenes
  • Navy Tic Tac Toe mayjanes, etsy
  • Vintage Dior satchel bag, thrifted
  • Tan shades, Forever XXI