Thursday, 4 February 2010

Alive and Well


I am sorry for the lack of posting latelly on the blog. I have been knee deep into ajusting into my new school and work schedule. The stress level just got a little higher in school. I just started to get a little more comfortable this week. I know what to look foward too now. So far so good, only set back is this darnit ski jacket drawing project I need to get over with asap! This is really not my thing. I don't care how much it can be somewhat interesting, I just can't get into it with my designer heart. So I decided to reinvent the women's cross country skiing get up, somehow... More to come on that one...

As for the rest of my classes, I love it, pattern making is more interesting, sewing is fun, I am almost done assembling a black wool vest fully lined with Monet print on it. I am putting Shantung Silk knots as closures on the front. I finally got my sewing machine working for sewing into light weight fabrics. I needed some pro help and get a minor ajustement.

It's been fridgid cold in Montreal on top of all this stress. I have only been leaving the house if I have to. I really dislike this time of year, always such a downer! I will try and post a little more then before and share my journey in my last semester before my last year. I will take pics of that vest next week!
Anyways! I got around to taking an outfit picture today. This has been my uniform latelly, wool skirts with a pattern and a silky button blouse with a different print.
  • Little black straw hat from H&M with added vintage fruit hat pin
  • Vintage 80s ruffle peacock blouse, thrifted
  • Vintage wool green,grey and cream houndsthooth pencil skirt, thrifted
  • Blue tights, Ardenes
  • Shoes, ebay
  • Vintage 80s Blue leather belt, thrifted