Saturday, 9 January 2010

Saturday's events and ranting...


Montreal is in deep freeze mode today. That did not scare me, I put on a million layers and my fur ear muffs and hit the road. The goal, was to find a good industrial sewing machine place. My friend Victoria suggested to me this place called Bruck. They were awsome, I found me a nice machine with free delivery! I looked around at other places but nothing compared to the service offered over at Bruck. Thank you Victoria! :)

Aside's from industrial sewing machine shopping, we stopped by this little shop on St-Laurent called Kitsch'n Swell for vintage eyewear. St├ęphane lucked out and found the perfect pair, as for me I tried on myriads of frames but did not fall on that special pair. I did find this amazing big eyes frame from the 60s for a steal! If you live in Montreal or stop by you have to check out this great little vintage shop.

We stopped by the record stores of course, I got me a copy of John by Cynthia Lennon an interesting book about her 10 years with the Beatle. I can't wait to start reading it.

So this was my outfit under all the layers minus the black shoes.

-Vintage black and gold stripey sweater, thrifted
-Vintage Avon fake gold cross pendant, thrifted
-Vintage Peacock Blue leather skirt, thrifted
-Aqua tights, H&M
-Black laceup shoes by Jones New York, thrifted