Thursday, 24 September 2009

Working hard

Ive been so busy since school started, I am learning so much already! I drew my first collection ever and I am so happy with the end result... This is just a quick collage I made with my scanner and illustrator but you get the idea...



I am so shy to share this all with you as for I am still a beginner in this field called fashion design. I had a wondeful time researching for this depression inspired jeanswear collection. I really want to make me those high waisted flared shorts! Maybe I will get a chance this summer :)

Ive been so tired this week and so has Stéphane, I think the change of season is getting to us, we totally missed the alarm this morning!

I can't wait for the weekend even if it will be filled with homework and project finalizing stuff, I am sure to get a wardrobe post in there somehow too!




Monday, 21 September 2009

First day of Fall!

Happy Fall everyone! Yay! I love Fall


I had a wonderful weekend redecorating our living room with Stéphane. It feels much cozier in there now. I had a great time reading my fashion history notes on the big blue couch finally :)

I didin't really get a chance to scan in my final pieces for my jeanswear collection but I promise to take some this weekend while I prepare the finishing touches. I am pretty happy with how it looks, it's very rare that I actually like something I made.

I will make this post short since I have alot of photos from today's outfit and I am so tired from the day and homeworks and stuff...

Oh one last thing! Stéphane got his new Beatles mono box set remastered, omg! it's so amazing! words cannot describe! Everyone needs one!

On to the details of the outfit:

-Army green Sgt-Pepper style jacket, thrifted
-Psychedelic button up dress, vintage picked up at the super swap last year
-Blue tights, Ardene's, this is the last time I wear these they already ripped!
-Brown leather and suede boots, thrifted
-Black and white love beads, thrifted




Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vive le Fall in Montreal!


Oh yes! It's that time of year again, when the leaves turn orange and red, you get to wear your favorite scarf (for me it's my favorite scarfs). Oh yes Fall is here in Montreal and I am loving it. But alas we have heating included in our rent but the dawn landlord has not turned it on yet!

I get to layer on clothing and I don't have to worry about the weather being too hot. We checked out the new Forever XXI that just opened not to long ago. It was ok, I was not blown away, I found that most of the stuff I saw online looked really cheap in person. All I got were some grey opaques tights and 2 necklases. I just could not bring myself to buying a froufrou skirt or tunic top made of cheap polyester made to look like silk.

On to the outfit:

-Handmade white knit beret, found at a church bazaar were old nun's knit and sell their goodies for dirt cheap in Hochelaga.
-Navy and white polka dot bow blouse, vintage and thrifted
-Green Wool and black velvet Austrian silver button jumper, thrifted
-Orange satchet bag, thriftedVintage navy velvet boys blazer, thrifted-Orange tights, thrifted
-Amazing brown leather lace boots, Vintage from the 60s found at Kensington market Toronto
-Yellow and tan mits, thrifted

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Beatles

Growing up I always had a facination with The Beatles, my mother was a huge fan and in my ealry teens I became one also.
Ive heard the Beatles albums myrads of times over and over again. Last night I was blown away when Stéphane suprised me with the 2 of the new remastered albums released last week. At first you think ok whatever this is the same stuff whats the point of buying this all over again?
We opened up the cds together and were amazed by the great layout of the albums, the little booklet that comes with them and the general feel and look of them. Thats only the package!
I was blown away by all the details I never hurd before. It's so crystal clear it's almost like they were playing in our living room. I was taken away by Across the universe and the voices in the backround, I had no idea before that this song had voices in the backround. Today I listened to these two albums on my ipod non stop, as geeky as it sounds I almost had a feeling of crying in the metro it was so good to hear. My ears are still buzzing from listening to them. Listening to these two albums is like a natural high of pure Beatles goodness.
I know this is not a fashion post but I felt like this had to be talked about on my blog because music takes such a big place in my life. I am always inspired by the music I love and I know alot of you out there are also. If your not a Beatles fan I think now is the time to become one. So far I only heard these two albums in the photo but our mono box set is in the mail and I cannot wait to hear the rest.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lazy Sunday afternoon

I am taking a wee little break to chat about what has been on my mind all weekend...

Ive been working on my flats all weekend, having fun analyzing jeanswear details and how to draw them. I think it's one of my favorite parts of fashion design, drawing. It's only been 3 weeks I have been back and I feel like it's been 3 months, Ive learned alot of new things in a such a short period of time. Ive been browsing online on many of my favorite blogs and I see so many great new collections comming out. I wish I had more time to just bust out a collection and sell it on etsy. But alas, I am still in the learning process of it all. They are making me sew a blouse in sewing class and sleeves in pattern making. I was having fun making a lantern sleeve patern from a miu miu collection on Friday. I actually get to make more interesting stuff this year since it's the last year before you actually make your final collection in teams. I have no idea how that will go, as for 99% of the students I go to school with a way way younger then me I have like a 10 year gap with them. I have a different way of thinking then them, but it does keep me in check with new ideas. I am scared but excited at the same time, but also scared I won't find a job after all this, the market is not like what it use to be, especially in Montreal. I think ill stick to selling my stuff online once I am done with the program, I don't see myself opening a shop here.

Me and Stéphane went thrifting this morning and found nothing, well I kind of did but the women at the cash was so slow and I wanted to do other stuff today so we left. We took the camera along and took some shots in the insdustrial area near Little Italy and Villeray.

Today I am wearing:





-White ¾ lenght tee from Old Navy
-Purple knit Esprit vest, thrifted
-Vintage Paris Silk scarf, also thrifted
-Vintage 60s green and white wool mini pleated skirt found @ Kensington market Toronto
-Black tights from H&M
-Vintage 80s suede booties also thrifted
-Vintage tartan purse, thrifted
-And lets not forget my lovely cross stich purple and white earrings from the Pinpals

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pierrot romance

Today me and Stéphane met up with a couple friend and checked out some art. We went to this place called Belgo and got to check out some art and photography from all kinds of different artists. My favorite part was this expo with a huge spikey ball that vibrated. Really hard to describe! I guess you had to be there and I didin't get a decent shot of it. We walked all over the city and I was breaking in my new platform heels! Ouch!

I am still working on my jeanswear project, getting the finishing touches ready! Can't wait to reveal the end product.


I was inspired by the pierrot today for my oufit. I really want a pair of one white leg and one black leg tights but cannot find any in town. So I came up with this oufit. The platforms were a morning find at my local Village des Valeurs for only 7.99$ they were brand new! My blouse is also a thrift find, I adore the collar on this one. The grey jumper dress I have had for years, from Winners. My little red and white bow is from a random shop on Kensington market in Toronto, blue tights from Ardene's, navy croc purse thrifted.

Have a wonderful weekend !



Monday, 7 September 2009

It's been a long weekend...

Last Thursday I started a crazy bad cold! I was sick as death all weekend. Coulden't get out of bed and fever non stop. It's now Monday morning and I feel somewhat normal. Still got the sniffles but I feel like I can have a normal day. I wish I was not working today and spend the day with my boyfriend but alas I promised to replace my friend at work. I did get alot of sketching done for my jeanswear project inspired by the Great Depression...

This is not an easy process... I keep getting bits and pieces of insperation from all kinds of things I have been surrounding myself with. I think being sick and depressed all weekend helped me in my creative ideas somehow. My first sketches from last week that I did not scan yet were to happy joy joy. Ive been playing around with the skirt mouvement all weekend. I need to come up with 3 jackets with collars, sleeves and pockets and 2 skirts,pants or shorts. I still have alot of work ahead of me but so far I am pretty happy with these little sketches...


Stéphane took me on a mini mini thrifting trip near the house but nothing interesting was waiting for there. We came back home and took a few photos of him, he insisted on taking mine.
So this is what I wore yesterday on my sick day:

-Vintage fruit printed cotton blouse, found at Buffalo Exchange in Pheonix a very long time ago...
-Vintage 60s taupe mini skirt, thrifted
-Red leggings, AA
-Vintage navy maryjanes, etsy

I can't wait to see what my teacher thinks of my sketches at school and what she thinks will be best for my mini collection. I also get to choose the fabrics, this should be very interesting since everything is jeans!



Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Childhood memories...

I first came Montreal in 1990, it was a different town then it is today. Life seemed simpler. Internet did not exist and I was a little girl with a wild imagination. I still do but you all know what I mean... Things change...

Me and Stéphane wanted to try and capture that old ghetto essence of my old neighbourhood. Stéphane took all the pictures, it's great to have him there for that! There is something about this street and alley way, I almost saw myself as a young little tomboy trowing water balloons at my brother and that little girl I hated because she hated my little brother.


I don't really have much else to say, I will let the pictures talk for them selves...


On to the oufit:

-H&M black and white sailor style jersey dress
-Vintage 90s floral jersey jumper
-Bow facinator, handmade by me
-50s straw bag that I picked up last nite at Friperix rennaissance on Pie-IX
-Navy tights, Winners
-White booties, ebay find from a few years ago