Thursday, 25 June 2009

YeYe girls!

Some of you may wonder why I called this blog YeYe? YeYe is a style of music that was very popular in Europe and in Quebec in the 1960s. The term yeye comes from french girls imitating english pop music. I love this style of music because it puts joys in my life. It makes me smile when I am down or even better when I am happy! Some may say it is a very cheezy style of music but there is something great that gets me everytime. It also helps that the lovely ladies that sang this style of music had great 60s style. My favorite insperations come from these lovely yeye ladies.

First off Dalida with Et... Et from 1966

And Sylvie Vartan with Garde moi dans ta poche (keep me in your pocket)

I hope you enjoy these two lovely yeye ladies, there are many more I would like to share and later blog posts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

I will be back direct from my new home!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Oh regarde! Des petites fleurs!

The weekend turned out to be not so much of a weekend. We painted the new place for two days and finally got the whole place done. I didin't have time to take pictures of the new place yet, when your working hard on something sometimes it's hard to walk back and look at the big picture. We feel so cramped in the old place with boxes everywere. We leave this old place in 4 days, it feels like an eternity! I am off to the doctors today they are checking up on my heart, it's making me nervous and anxious. In the meantime, I found a bag full of vintage paper flower pins that I love, I have a few of the same of each so some will go in the etsy shop after the move. They are in perfect condition I think some old milinery shop donated there old stuff or something. I found some vintage hankies to I don't know what to do with them yet I really enjoy the colors and prints on them for the moment. Does anyone have a suggestion for me?

Friday, 19 June 2009

Thrift score!

Ive been pretty busy latelly and have been neglecting my blog. I am preparing a move next week, working and taking care of the etsy store all at the same time. This weekend we are painting the new place. I will take a few shots of the place, I am so excited tonight we are going over there to pick up the keys! I am so happy right now, also happy about this thrift score a vintage 70s Etienne Aigner suede leather mini tote. I love the taupe color and the brass details. The inside has the signature printed on the linning. More to come! I have 2 amazing 60s party dresses that I just got the death smell out with lots of patience!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Outfit pic for June 9th 2009

It's a rainy day here in Montreal(again), I love the natural light I get for picture taking on overcast days, the colors always seem to pop alot more. I have been playing around with the manual part of my camera these past couple of days, playing with the Iso's and the white balances, so much better then using automatic. It's just a little more tricky but not that much more of and effort. I kind of don't mind this weather anymore Ive gotten a little use to it, I like that I can still layer and wear tights. After work today I went over to one of my usual thrifting spots and found a really gorgeous fitted tuxedo blazer that I cannot wait to put up in the shop, I wanna keep it but I have so much clothing as it is and with the move and all!
Here's my outfit details:
-Aquascutum navy blazer,thrifted
-Navy Capeline hat, thrifted
-Red printed mini dress, UO Sale rack from last year I beleive
-Black knit cardy, UB
-Black leggings, AA
-Black leather boots, thrifted
-Brown leather purse, newly thrifted

Monday, 8 June 2009

Style Icon of the week


Meet Stéphane a very stylish Montreal boy who inspires me everyday, a style icon to me and should be for others ;)

It not only helps that he is my boyfriend but this boy has a very interesting look. He loves to get dressed up for no reason, he says he loves to dress up for himself everyday. This is something in men that you do not come across very often now a days. All you see are guys wearing tee shirts with prints, flip flops, cargo shorts or jeans. Men just don't dress up like they use to. You don't have to have alot of money either if you want to look good, just a few bargains here and there and some thrifting and voila instant personal style at your finger tips. I find that most men will just buy what ever is comfortable and not think about it afterwards. I know that there are other men like Stéphane out there that care but for the bigger part most men just don't seem to put the same effort as women do. Men should not be affraid to show that they care they should be encouraged. I don't know if it's virility thing but a man that cares about the way he presents himself is way more appealing, don't you think?
What is great about Stéphane's style is that he is not affraid to try new things out and is not affraid of what others may think. He rides his bike through the streets of Montreal in coloful dress shirts, vintage dress shoes, vintage printed ties, and his signature black 60s eye glasses that he found on etsy. To me Stéphane is my favorite male style icon, his color mixes and proportions and attention for details really makes me have hope in men's fashion.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

1930s Vintage does exist in Montreal


I had no idea this was at all possible! To actually find a beautiful vintage dress from the 1930s! Found at one of my usual thrifting spots for only 5.99$. It is made of nice soft black rayon with guipure lace detail at the collar. Not only is it beautiful it is very pratical with the two pockets, they even reiforced them with an extra layer of hemp kind of fabric.
I didin't find much else this past week, ive been pretty lazy with picture taking, the weather here in Montreal is pretty up and down and makes picture taking tricky. Also I am moving in exactly 20 days! Are place right now is so small and cramped it puts a big downer on our lives right now. It's time for our big change in a big way, I cannot wait to reveal pictures of our new place...