Saturday, 19 September 2009

Vive le Fall in Montreal!


Oh yes! It's that time of year again, when the leaves turn orange and red, you get to wear your favorite scarf (for me it's my favorite scarfs). Oh yes Fall is here in Montreal and I am loving it. But alas we have heating included in our rent but the dawn landlord has not turned it on yet!

I get to layer on clothing and I don't have to worry about the weather being too hot. We checked out the new Forever XXI that just opened not to long ago. It was ok, I was not blown away, I found that most of the stuff I saw online looked really cheap in person. All I got were some grey opaques tights and 2 necklases. I just could not bring myself to buying a froufrou skirt or tunic top made of cheap polyester made to look like silk.

On to the outfit:

-Handmade white knit beret, found at a church bazaar were old nun's knit and sell their goodies for dirt cheap in Hochelaga.
-Navy and white polka dot bow blouse, vintage and thrifted
-Green Wool and black velvet Austrian silver button jumper, thrifted
-Orange satchet bag, thriftedVintage navy velvet boys blazer, thrifted-Orange tights, thrifted
-Amazing brown leather lace boots, Vintage from the 60s found at Kensington market Toronto
-Yellow and tan mits, thrifted