Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Childhood memories...

I first came Montreal in 1990, it was a different town then it is today. Life seemed simpler. Internet did not exist and I was a little girl with a wild imagination. I still do but you all know what I mean... Things change...

Me and St├ęphane wanted to try and capture that old ghetto essence of my old neighbourhood. St├ęphane took all the pictures, it's great to have him there for that! There is something about this street and alley way, I almost saw myself as a young little tomboy trowing water balloons at my brother and that little girl I hated because she hated my little brother.


I don't really have much else to say, I will let the pictures talk for them selves...


On to the oufit:

-H&M black and white sailor style jersey dress
-Vintage 90s floral jersey jumper
-Bow facinator, handmade by me
-50s straw bag that I picked up last nite at Friperix rennaissance on Pie-IX
-Navy tights, Winners
-White booties, ebay find from a few years ago