Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Beatles

Growing up I always had a facination with The Beatles, my mother was a huge fan and in my ealry teens I became one also.
Ive heard the Beatles albums myrads of times over and over again. Last night I was blown away when St├ęphane suprised me with the 2 of the new remastered albums released last week. At first you think ok whatever this is the same stuff whats the point of buying this all over again?
We opened up the cds together and were amazed by the great layout of the albums, the little booklet that comes with them and the general feel and look of them. Thats only the package!
I was blown away by all the details I never hurd before. It's so crystal clear it's almost like they were playing in our living room. I was taken away by Across the universe and the voices in the backround, I had no idea before that this song had voices in the backround. Today I listened to these two albums on my ipod non stop, as geeky as it sounds I almost had a feeling of crying in the metro it was so good to hear. My ears are still buzzing from listening to them. Listening to these two albums is like a natural high of pure Beatles goodness.
I know this is not a fashion post but I felt like this had to be talked about on my blog because music takes such a big place in my life. I am always inspired by the music I love and I know alot of you out there are also. If your not a Beatles fan I think now is the time to become one. So far I only heard these two albums in the photo but our mono box set is in the mail and I cannot wait to hear the rest.