Sunday, 30 August 2009

The mountain and the peacock


A few weeks ago I was looking at my favorite blogs list on my blog and came across this lovely vintage Alfred Shaheen dress. The lovely ladies over at Violet Folklore Vintage on etsy were so nice in letting me have it! I fell in love with this amazing peacock printed 70s dress instantly. The fit was perfect and well this is the perfect Fall dress to my eyes.


We chose to go up on the Mount-Royal to take good shots of it because of the beautiful scenery and forest with many pathways. I haven't been up there in over 10 years! I was happy to not come across any snakes I am so scared of them, I run and scream when I see one. We also went up there to take photos of Montreal and show St├ęphane's mom that Montreal is not a big bad city but a beautiful one full of great things to visit.


About the rest of my outfit, I am wearing a pair of 60s taupe leather laceup boots found at Flashback at Kensington market Toronto, Peacock blue tights from Ardene's and a vintage 70s double strap leather belt from a random vintage shop in Verdun Montreal.

Fall is here and I love it :)