Thursday, 27 August 2009

Little things in my mind

So far this week has been going very well. I fell in love with sketching! My new teacher is amazing. Now all my creative juices can come out and I won't worry about my constant personal judgement. I haven't really drawn in over a year in my last drawing class. They had crazy restrains that made me not love sketching. Wednesday was a wake up call and it really made me feel better about designing. We got our first mandate. To create a collection for either Fall/Winter 2010 or Spring/Summer 2010 inspired by a historical event. The category is jeanswear and the clientel is from 18 to 20 years old. Now that is quite a task. What do 18 year olds wear???? I decided to be inspired by the great depression. I find it goes very well with the current situation in the world today. I will be working on my insperation diary all weekend filling it with pictures, fabric, ribbons etc... How exciting! Oh yeah and sketching!


On our first day of class the teacher made us sketch some silouhettes. I was a bit rusty but things are shapping up! I am trying to find my style but I think I found it... You can see it in these sketches from my sketch pad. I have a bunch more to draw over the weekend I will scan some more later and they should be more interesting.

So to get my creative juices going me and St├ęphane went thrifting in St-Henri yesterday and took some pictures in the abandonned factories near there.

Oufit details:

-Vintage 80s Silk pleated peplum blouse, thrifted
-High waisted skinny jeans, UO sale rack
-Vintage leather booties, thrifted
-Blue earrings, vendor inside Berri metro station