Friday, 14 August 2009


It's official we got our first heatwave of the summer. It's about time! They say it will be sunny and hot and sticky all weekend. The bike ride to work and back was a challenge but it was soon forgotten when I got home and had a pink lemonade and watched season 2 of Mad Men. I am hooked.

I went thrifting with my man St├ęphane and we found nuthin, it's been a pretty bad thriftin couple of weeks. It seems like nothing is interesting. I picked up some interesting pants but I am not quite sure how to wear them yet. With this heatwave pants are not my best friends right now. I decided to wear my favorite summer jumpsuit. I came across this lovely onepiece at Friperix on Pie-IX at the beginning of the summer. I actually wore it alot this summer but never got around to taking pics of it. It looks early 60s but it's actually 80s vintage. I love the peats on the bustline. The black T strap jelly's are also thrifted, they are the brand called Melissa from Spain.

All pics by St├ęphane taken in the wonderful land of Villeray!

Have a nice weekend blog folk!