Monday, 24 August 2009

Back to school...



Today's oufit was:

-Blue and purple gingham button up blouse, thrifted Muse by Christian Chenail
-Red skinny slacks, Thrifted Zara
-Shoes from UO
-Vintage doctors style bag, thrifted
-Cross stich pin, from The PinPals

Today was my first day back and all went well so far. I played around with this pattern making computer system called Modaris. There are a tons of new things to learn! Tomorrow is the more exciting class. It's called Recherche et conception, basicly it's a drawing class were you come up with design concepts. They give you a project to do and you work on that for weeks. I will know more about this tomorrow.

So we went to Toronto over the weekend... I don't have many pics since we forgot our clothes back home. All I had was a pair of jeans and tank, so not that interesting. I did manage to pick up 2 pairs of 60s gogo boots, the first pair are brown laceup's with heels and the second lime green Nancy Sinatra style ones. I also found a green and white wool 60s mini skirt. St├ęphane really found more stuff then me but I am pretty picky when it comes to vintage shopping maybe thats why I have less stuff. We had a great time anyways I took a few candid shots of our trip and posted to my flickr.