Sunday, 12 July 2009

Oufit for July 17th 2009

I have been pretty obsessed with wide brim hats latelly, I was lucky to find two great ones on my shopping trip in Toronto earlier this week. This white one I found at a Salvation army on Queen Street West for half off of 4.99$. The dress was also found in Toronto at this cute little shop in the Kensington market called Ego. It is a 60s cotton mini shift dress in red and white, it's very bold but I fell in love instantly! It gave me a Pierre Cardin or Courrège feeling two of my favs in french 60s fashion. I wanted to post about the Casa Loma castle I visited but I have been so busy taking pictures of new vintage goodies going in the etsy shop early this week. I will post that tomorrow since it takes me ages to make collages in illustrator because my laptop is so slow! :)