Friday, 31 July 2009

The last day of July!

Yes it is! Well... Summer just got here in Montreal... Even the local weather network says that this month of July was the worst ever recorded. What is happening to the world? Plus my allergies have been acting up everyday since Spring. But I will stop boring you with the weather and talk about my day. I spent it with my dear friend Sara and we had the best ice cream in town! Sorbet coconut and soy chocolate ice cream, perfect for little old lactose intolerant me!

Me and St├ęphane had diner and rented a blaxploitation movie called Buck town. We are just about to watch it we have been on a blaxploitation and Woody Allen movie marathon for these past couple of weeks.

So on to my oufit details... I am wearing a vintage cotton top with embroidery and rick rack that I found while thrifting in my old hood, Baby blue high waisted button up full skirt from the Sally Ann and then I hacked it off a few inches. My favorite leather belt that is also thrifted and high heel oxfords from ebay,cross stitch earings by The Pinpals! I am a huge fan! Oh yeah! and my new favorite doctors bag is also thrifted!

These pictures were all taken by St├ęphane! The location is an old elementary school with a nice old little girls entrance, in the photo it is written in french (Filles).

Have a wonderful weekend everyone in blog lala land!