Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The hottest day of summer!

Pics by Stéphane!

What an amazing hot summer day we are finally having over here in Montreal! I got to ride my bike in the blazing sun and drink load of ice water! What a great feeling!

Me and Stéphane took a walk in our local park this afternoon, there were so many bugs! I felt so itchy when I got home. I went thrifting a bit this afternoon and found an amazing silk jumper slip thingy some awsome skirts and a dress. I will be posting about that stuff a little later on in the week so stay tuned. I also plan on making a blog post about this 1976 L'officiel magazine I came across a week or so ago at this shop here called the Old Shop.

My hair has been growing like weeds again, I am in a I don't know what do to with it phase... Braided lulu's tied up on my head really works for today since it's so hot. I am wearing this juniors 30s dress I purchased on ebay last summer. I love the poppy print on it. The dress is paper thin and perfect for hot sticky weather. I have the silk romper underneath as a slip since it's so sheer. The bag was in my etsy shop for a while but I decided I really needed to keep it :) My shoes are thrifted 80s oxfords paired with white socks.

Have a wonderful evening!