Thursday, 25 June 2009

YeYe girls!

Some of you may wonder why I called this blog YeYe? YeYe is a style of music that was very popular in Europe and in Quebec in the 1960s. The term yeye comes from french girls imitating english pop music. I love this style of music because it puts joys in my life. It makes me smile when I am down or even better when I am happy! Some may say it is a very cheezy style of music but there is something great that gets me everytime. It also helps that the lovely ladies that sang this style of music had great 60s style. My favorite insperations come from these lovely yeye ladies.

First off Dalida with Et... Et from 1966

And Sylvie Vartan with Garde moi dans ta poche (keep me in your pocket)

I hope you enjoy these two lovely yeye ladies, there are many more I would like to share and later blog posts.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :)

I will be back direct from my new home!