Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Outfit pic for June 9th 2009

It's a rainy day here in Montreal(again), I love the natural light I get for picture taking on overcast days, the colors always seem to pop alot more. I have been playing around with the manual part of my camera these past couple of days, playing with the Iso's and the white balances, so much better then using automatic. It's just a little more tricky but not that much more of and effort. I kind of don't mind this weather anymore Ive gotten a little use to it, I like that I can still layer and wear tights. After work today I went over to one of my usual thrifting spots and found a really gorgeous fitted tuxedo blazer that I cannot wait to put up in the shop, I wanna keep it but I have so much clothing as it is and with the move and all!
Here's my outfit details:
-Aquascutum navy blazer,thrifted
-Navy Capeline hat, thrifted
-Red printed mini dress, UO Sale rack from last year I beleive
-Black knit cardy, UB
-Black leggings, AA
-Black leather boots, thrifted
-Brown leather purse, newly thrifted