Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Oh regarde! Des petites fleurs!

The weekend turned out to be not so much of a weekend. We painted the new place for two days and finally got the whole place done. I didin't have time to take pictures of the new place yet, when your working hard on something sometimes it's hard to walk back and look at the big picture. We feel so cramped in the old place with boxes everywere. We leave this old place in 4 days, it feels like an eternity! I am off to the doctors today they are checking up on my heart, it's making me nervous and anxious. In the meantime, I found a bag full of vintage paper flower pins that I love, I have a few of the same of each so some will go in the etsy shop after the move. They are in perfect condition I think some old milinery shop donated there old stuff or something. I found some vintage hankies to I don't know what to do with them yet I really enjoy the colors and prints on them for the moment. Does anyone have a suggestion for me?