Sunday, 7 June 2009

1930s Vintage does exist in Montreal


I had no idea this was at all possible! To actually find a beautiful vintage dress from the 1930s! Found at one of my usual thrifting spots for only 5.99$. It is made of nice soft black rayon with guipure lace detail at the collar. Not only is it beautiful it is very pratical with the two pockets, they even reiforced them with an extra layer of hemp kind of fabric.
I didin't find much else this past week, ive been pretty lazy with picture taking, the weather here in Montreal is pretty up and down and makes picture taking tricky. Also I am moving in exactly 20 days! Are place right now is so small and cramped it puts a big downer on our lives right now. It's time for our big change in a big way, I cannot wait to reveal pictures of our new place...